GetWBT is a midlet developed on a Sony-Ericsson W810i to read the logs from a WBT-201 gps logger. It was written as a standard MIDP-2.0 midlet and thus should run on most java based phones that allow filesystem access and support bluetooth.

GetWBT outputs tk1 files which the TimeMachineX software can read. Since version 1.3.4 gpsbabel can also read these files:

gpsbabel -w -t -i wbt-tk1 -f track1197960931820.tk1 -o gpx -F out.gpx
For more information on the tk1 format: TK1 file format specification

GetWBT is not tested a lot and very much alpha code, however it works for me for the moment.



For the necessary communication there are the following mailinglists: A low volume mailinglist for announcements of new versions. A mailinglist to talk about all things code.


From 0.99b to 0.99c

From 0.99a to 0.99b


For sony-ericsson phones sending the jar file via bluetooth will install it on your phone (provided you answer yes a couple of times). Via the cable, copy the jar file somewhere in the file system you can see from the filemanager on your phone, browse to it in the filemanager on your phone at chose "install" from the menu.

When the application is started you need to connect it to your gps-logger. For the moment this will only work via bluetooth. Make sure your gps is turned on and bluetooth is enabled. Choose "Config WBT201" from the application menu and then choose "Bluetooth discover". After a while a list with bluetooth devices should turn up and your WBT-201 should be in the list as "G-Rays2". Select it and the setup is done. You should only have to do this once

Before you can read the log you have to log in to your gps by selecting "Connect" from the application menu. Note that this stop the logging on the WBT-201. It resume as soon as you exit GetWBT. Login sometimes failed for no apparent reason, the only way out in this case is ending the application by keeping the return button pressed until a menu pops-up. After login the gps ligth on your gps will go out and the blue(tooth) light will flash.

Reading the logs is done by selecting "Read tracks" from the application menu. A file "track<timestamp>.tk1" is created in the root of your memory card. After all the tracks have been read you are presented with a list of the tracks you just read. After you've read the logs you can erase the gps by choosing "Erase" from the application menu.

Get the files off via bluetooth or cable. If you want to use them in timemachineX, drop them in the TK1 folder where timeMachineX installed. Or use gpsbabel to convert it to any other format.


The code is licensed under the version 3 of the GPL. It include from which has no clear license, but says "Free use only for non-commercial purpose". The bluetooth discovery and settings code is from, which is licensed under the GPL 2.1 or later. The little-endian conversion is done by from which claims to be free for non-military use.